What can we anticipate from 2023 in the realm of security?
Published: 01 Apr, 2023



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The field of information security is currently experiencing numerous activities, and the year 2023 is expected to be significant concerning this matter. There are various developments to keep an eye on during that specific year, both positive and negative.



First the good news:


We are becoming increasingly focused on our security for various reasons. One of the main reasons is the implementation of new privacy regulations that are requiring companies to strengthen their security measures. It is expected that further legislation addressing consumer privacy will be passed in the upcoming year, leading to increased emphasis on securing our systems.


The need for authentication is growing and this is resulting in improved security measures. Companies are demanding higher levels of authentication to access secure systems which can also be seen as a downside.


There are numerous advanced software applications available to enhance our security, and their quality will keep improving. The security industry is currently experiencing intense competition, leading to a considerable amount of ingenuity being introduced.


Many internet service providers are now accepting the task of aiding in our online safety. The advertisements launched by AOL are a positive indication that similar actions will be taken by other companies.




Now the bad news:


Protecting our networks comes with a high price tag. As more and more companies expand globally, the expenses of ensuring their security are on the rise. Unfortunately, this situation is expected to worsen before it improves.


security. As the need for security increases, corporations are implementing more authentication measures, which can be overwhelming for users. While this is a positive development in terms of safeguarding sensitive information, it can also feel suffocating for those trying to access the system. It is similar to the frustration felt by travelers going through airport security checks. Security checkpoints where people queue up for screening before entering a secure area.


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Spammers are continuously coming up with innovative strategies to populate our email inboxes, and there is no sign of this practice ending in the near future.