Informal Writing –Writing to a Friend

Informal Writing –Writing to a Friend


Hi Mary / Hello Mary / Hey Mary

It’s been ages since we last spoke.

How are you?

How’s life treating you?

How’s life?

How are things?

Any news?

Anything strange?

What are you up to these days?

Expressing Thanks

Thanks a million for…

Thanks a lot for…

Cheers for …

I really appreciate it.

Thanks my friend.

Giving news

Guess what. I’ve…

I’ve got some good news my friend.

Great news Mary, I’ve…

Unfortunately, I’ve got bad news

I’m afraid I have some bad news 🙁

Bad news Mary 🙁

Refusing invitation

Sorry, I’m busy

I appreciate the invite, but I can’t

I don’t think I can.

I’m really sorry, but…

Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t…

Responding to news

I’m so happy for you

That’s fantastic news

That’s awful news my friend 🙁

Sorry to hear that

I’m glad to hear that

I’m thrilled for you

What great news!


I was delighted to hear that.

Making Suggest

The best thing to do is…

I’d suggest that you…

I’d recommend that you…

I think you should…

You must do …

Offering advice

If I were you, I’d…

If I were in your shoes, I’d …

You should…

I think you must…

You simply have to …

Why don’t you…?

I’d suggest that you…


Well, that’s all for now

I’d better get back to work here

I must go

Looking forward to…

Take care

All the best

All my love

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